Instructions for Procurement of Vitamins and Minerals Used in Food Fortification Programmes:

  • WFP procurement officers are invited to make their procurement of premix and micronutrients used in fortification of foods through one of  approved suppliers.

Fortification of powdered products

The addition of vitamins B1 and B2, niacin, iron and calcium to wheat flour is a common practice in many countries. However in powdered products as this, it is technologically feasible to add other vitamins and minerals as well.

Tips for selecting a suitable premix...

The below points need to be considered for selecting a premix/ fortificant that is appropriate for the enrichment of this products category.

Adding the premix/ fortificant in the powdered vehicle

In powdered products the addition of the premix/ fortificant can be performed via batch mixing, two-stage mixing or continuous metering.

When continuous metering is not feasible or effective In the fortification of powdered products the two stage-mixing has proved to give better homogeneity at the final product, where the required nutrient mixture is mixed with an appropriate diluent to produce a preblend, which is then accurately metered into the flour.

For Super Cereal products, which undergo roasting, IR processing, extrusion cooking or drum-drying, it is recommended to add minerals and vitamins to the grinded products at the end of the process, prior to packing stages.

Attention is required for the homogeneous incorporation of dry fortificants to dry foods. Careful selection of the physical characteristics of the fortificant compound is important so as to ensure adequate mixing and to minimise segregation on storage. A Coeficient of Variation should be calculated to ensure that mineral and vitamins premix is homogeneously distributed in the finished product.

Fortification / Fortificant losses during: