Birds: Prevention & Control

Birds are occasional invaders of warehouses.

Birds peck holes in the packages of the stored goods. This leads to product losses by spillages and grain being consumed by the birds. For example, sparrows and finches can cause serious problems when small grains are stored in jute sacks.

Most importantly, birds are carriers of bacteria and viruses which can be harmful for human beings, if infected. Stored grain can be contaminated with pathogenic (Salmonella, Campylobacter etc.) - via bird urine and fecal excrements - that can cause serious ilness once contaminated food is consumed. Morevoer, birds can carry and transmit viral diseases directly to the store workers (e.g. Avian Influenza H5N1) who might come in contact with them.

Bird control

Knowledge of the bird identity, the nature and extent of the loss or damage is important.

High levels of hygiene, that promptly clear all spillage, and exclusion measures prevent birds from accessing the store.

If bird pests occur, there are various options to control pest infestation, including store and environmental management, culling, exclusion, anti-roosting techniques and scaring.