Ebola and food safety

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Food Quality & Safety in WFP

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A supply chain approach

The World Food Programme (WFP) is committed in the implementation of a Food Safety and Quality Management System (FSQMS), and continuously strives to improve food safety and quality along the whole WFP supply chain.

The system aims at protecting the health of beneficiaries, satisfying beneficiaries’ expectations and host government regulations, avoiding damage to WFP’s or donors’ reputations, and reducing pipeline breaks and financial losses.

The FSQMS aims at reducing and preventing issues along the supply chain, from the farmers/suppliers to the beneficiaries. Customer satisfaction is also underlined along this system by measures aimed at ensuring the safety, nutritional quality and acceptability of the delivered foods. As well as food acceptability by customers, WFP commits to ensuring donors and partners, that implementation of this system assures high efficiency, quality handling and distribution of their contribution.

In keeping with the FSQMS policy paper, endorsed by the WFP's Executive Director on 30 June 2010, food quality management preventive measures are implemented in the WFP food supply chain to control the occurrence of safety and/or quality issues.