What is the role of procurement in food safety and quality?

Purchasing food is one of the most delicate phases of WFP's operations. Overseeing Procurement actions during the purchase phase may seem a daunting task. What are the key actions that are always necessary?

  1. Make sure the food supplier is selected according to its performance and not only on her/his financial offer (for more information click here).
  2. Make sure the inspection company is selected according to its capabilities and performance (for more information click here).
  3. Make sure the food analysis lab is selected according to their scope of work and credibility and not only on its financial offer (for more information click here).
  4. Make sure the food chosen is in accordance with beneficiaries' food habit and practices and respect National regulations of the recipient country. (for more information click here).
  5. It is crucial to ensure that the Pipeline Staff knows what will be the quantity needed for the duration of the operation and that the shelf-life of the product is taken into consideration (for more information, please use the checklist hereunder).