To assure that the foods distributed to WFP beneficaries are safe and nutritious, all WFP food suppliers (processor and traders) must comply with minimum international food safety and quality requirements of

For traders, it is of utmost importance that they ensure the adherence of all their sub-contracted food processors to those requirements.

To verify compliance each food vendor (processor or trader) is assessed on a questionnaire and a complementary technical visit basis.

The latter is conducted by a WFP appointed food technologist or an independent third party. Non-compliance with these requirements or denial of any procedure step / information sharing will lead to disqualification of the food processor from participating in WFP bidding processes.

WFP commodities are procured according to written specifications, attached to the commercial contracts. Therefore, full understanding by the vendor of food written specifications requested by WFP is a prerequisite for the supply of the desirable food commodities.

The procurement commodity choice will be based on a Certificate of Analyses (CoA) which will follow the contracted specifications.

Each vendor’s status will be constantly challenged according to the vendor’s performance and the adoption of any suggested corrective actions

Emphasis will be given to the proper fortification process of the commodities. The Coefficient of Variation must be calculated and the fortification process must be under control.